Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year Post

It's been a few days not obsessively checking my "Tech" twitter account. 

Sooo much less stress.

I have to do this for my personal, just for fun Twitter account as well, because sometimes I check it in a perfectly good mood and leave feeling like the shunned kid at school. I'm not busy enough to not care, I guess. I've felt touchier about that more than usual lately.

The answer in my mind to that is to become more busy. Distract myself so I don't have time to feel bad, basically. It's an old trick but something I forget.

This is the time of year where people make lists of what they want to get done for the year. I should probably do this. I write notes on my phone all the time, but this list will be special. I'm going to find a pen and write on paper! I can do it in the car without using up my battery.

As well as writing down some tech goals and trying to set a timeline for these goals, I want to do more personal development as well. It's all connected in the end. Last year I did a lot more self care: the exercising, the meditation. I want to pump these things up, especially the meditation. I do it, I enjoy it, but I'm not at all regular about it so I'm not getting the full benefits. It would probably go a long way to helping me deal with the stress coming into my life, from without and from within. 

I also decided I should try harder to use up the sock yarn stash I have and start working on socks again. Before I was whisked to the middle of nowheresville, I was an avid knitter. I knit every day after work. I have handmade socks and a couple of sweaters from that time. It gave me something to do and calmed my mind. It was my meditation. I became so sad after moving down here that I stopped doing it. I finished a cardigan that I was crocheting back in Ohio (it's not that great but it was something) and money because so tight I felt like I couldn't devote time to it anymore.

Plus most of my knitting needles have disappeared. I'm blaming my mom for that and trying not to get angry about it. It comes up every once in a while and I get pissed. All I have left are the double pointed needles I found and my crochet hooks. The yarn is mostly there. She didn't get to destroy/ruin the good stuff, at least. I have knitting machines, but since I live in a tiny house and have no time to myself, I can't really get into the swing of using them again. It's like playing a a synthesizer, lots of settings to adjust and fine tuning to do. I bought them to use up my yarn faster but then crap happened.

I have a complicated sock pattern I'm going to continue. I finished the first one, and the second one is close to getting to the heel turn. It's been a good five years, but it's always been packed away somewhere where I could find it. I found the pattern book, and I think (stress think) I found the row I left off on. So I knit a round last night. Funny how all the knitting symbols and the moves stayed in my head. I was a good knitter and I can be so again. This is the sock. 

It's pretty intricate for something that gets stuck in your shoe. This is something the no sense of whimsy or humor code geeks would tell me. The point of going through all that work is no longer necessity (getting it done quick so you can be warm), it's to exercise your hands and brain and have something beautiful when you're done. And be warm. If you've never worn a decent wool sock in cold weather you are missing out. 

The ribbing in the sock also keeps it from sliding down your leg over the course of a day by making the fabric shape to your body, if you really have to have to be utilitarian about every damn thing (coughs). I love that "if it's not programming it's dumb" crowd.

Why am I trying to get into programming again? Sigh...I'm not going to dwell on it. 

So that's what's going to happen in the short term. 

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