Saturday, January 16, 2016

I finished the gusset on the sock and I'm working on the foot. Knitting really is like riding a bike. It all comes back pretty quickly.

I wonder if coding is just a matter of Gladwell's hours. I don't know I've actually made knit fabric for 10,000 hours, but it feels very calming to be so masterful over something. To know what to do when something goes wrong. To not panic.

I wish I could make money knitting. There's still people that do piecework from home on knitting machines for designers, but I don't think I can bankroll a life on that. Definitely knot hand knitting socks.

I feel hyped for tech, but it's not always a wonderful adventure that I want to jump into. Sometimes it's tedious. Somethings it's downright frustrating. Sometimes it's the material, sometimes it's the people.

I thought maybe I should log my hours from here on out and see if I notice any skill in 6 months to a year. Part of the reason I haven't tried to get even the most basic work is that I'm afraid I'm going to run into a problem that I can't solve. And I have no tech friends to pose the question to.

No one to get me out of the hole.

If only I could find a mentor to talk to without having to pay money for it. There's services like that.

What happened to my social skills? Did I ever have any or was it all luck? Does tech really have a type and I'm not it, so I don't click with people? I really can't tell.

Well shit, I just depressed myself. And I wasn't even on Twitter at the time.

Let me go sort this out.

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