Friday, January 8, 2016

How's it going so far? Well I'll tell you.

Not fucking with Twitter has been nice. I don't know when I'll go back, but even if I don't it's not like I have much to say anyway. I'll just go back when I miss it. I have no idea what that would feel like.

The sock thing is going well. I've discovered that my knitting chops are still there and skills I haven't used in years came back. I was able to read the pattern on the needles and figure out what row to start with quickly. I could read the extra, extra busy symbol chart (chart notation is a way to convey a knitting pattern without writing everything out) and my hands knew what to do. Best yet, my hands didn't cramp up holding the tiny needles. The only thing I'm fidding with is tension. It might just be the yarn. It's smooth and even when it's wound around my fingers multiple times it slips. The little bit of fabric I've knit seems pretty even. So that's a success.

Angular just kind of sucks right now. I found something that may fix my problem using it with online code editors (Codepen/JSFiddle/etc). I was using JSFiddle and I had to turn the onLoad preset off and I didn't get stuck two steps into a basic data binding with the double curly braces. I have to add to it and see how long it lasts however. I'd also like to get it straight with Codepen so I'm not restricted at least.

Or find a tutorial that explains things in a plain as possible English way. I don't want to skip five chapters ahead to see what the error I'm getting now is. Explain stuff in place, repeat it if ya gotta, but don't do that "We'll get into that later" unless later is the very near future. Hate that mess.

Back to the main point here, I'm stuck in trying to find a lesson that I can follow past the generic intro to Angular everyone seems to use. I did finish the Treehouse course, but I know I'll have to go through it again at least once to make things stuck. In the meantime I'm hoping I can find another perspective on it.

That's been this week.

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