Monday, December 28, 2015

Social Media My Ass

Fuck Twitter.

For the time being.


With all of my childhood insecurities still lingering inside me, I don't need a website to make me feel bad about how I'm doing. It's less of a place to talk than a bulletin board to announce whatever fun/hip/rad thing you did on that day. It seems to be less about interacting and more about bookmarking your life. I know a lot of it is people sculpting their image, but it still makes me feel shitty.

I tried to throw in. I retweet articles I find interesting. Don't get a peep. Tweet my opinions on current issues, crickets. I mention something then hours later the rest of the timeline blows up about it and I don't get a callback or anything. It makes me feel left out of whatever the fun that Twitter is supposed to be.

So I'm stepping back. I'm not going to eagerly wait for people to reply that don't care about me or what I think. It's not like we're tight. They're not taking any of this personal, so I won't either.

I wish i could make friends like I used to, but I have to come to terms with the fact that things probably won't go back to the way they used to be. Even people younger than me are incredibly set in their ways. I'm not going to fight it anymore. Have a nice life, you mooks.

When I do get back to Twitter, I'll just read articles people post. If I forget myself and respond to something, I have to remember not to expect a damn thing in return. It's not like they're getting paid to be civil.

Until then it's big old nope.

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