Monday, December 28, 2015

Social Media My Ass

Fuck Twitter.

For the time being.


With all of my childhood insecurities still lingering inside me, I don't need a website to make me feel bad about how I'm doing. It's less of a place to talk than a bulletin board to announce whatever fun/hip/rad thing you did on that day. It seems to be less about interacting and more about bookmarking your life. I know a lot of it is people sculpting their image, but it still makes me feel shitty.

I tried to throw in. I retweet articles I find interesting. Don't get a peep. Tweet my opinions on current issues, crickets. I mention something then hours later the rest of the timeline blows up about it and I don't get a callback or anything. It makes me feel left out of whatever the fun that Twitter is supposed to be.

So I'm stepping back. I'm not going to eagerly wait for people to reply that don't care about me or what I think. It's not like we're tight. They're not taking any of this personal, so I won't either.

I wish i could make friends like I used to, but I have to come to terms with the fact that things probably won't go back to the way they used to be. Even people younger than me are incredibly set in their ways. I'm not going to fight it anymore. Have a nice life, you mooks.

When I do get back to Twitter, I'll just read articles people post. If I forget myself and respond to something, I have to remember not to expect a damn thing in return. It's not like they're getting paid to be civil.

Until then it's big old nope.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Learning Angular isn't as fun as advertised.

Yep, it's after midnight on Christmas day. I don't really care what day it is. I'm up, I felt very unproductive, and it's been raining all week to the point where there were flash flood warnings in the area. It's been a funky run to the big holiday.

Anyways, I though since I was stuck in the house and all the grocery stores closed at 6, which is way different from last year (I wanted to buy snacks and watch movies but nope) I decided I would try to get through some Angular learning materials.

It happens every time. Even though the videos are maybe 5-7 minutes each and the books I'm looking at aren't that hard to read, I get to some point where I'm stuck on some stupid problem and it takes all night to figure out what the hell happened.

I started this around a little after 10. It's a little after 1 now. There were 5 videos to watch.

First. I start up the server but the page won't load on localhost. Since it's been about 3 bloody hours, I forgot what made it do that, but I got the damn thing to finally load. Then the {{}} were showing up instead of my info. Another 20 30 minutes down. I stopped to scrape up something to eat and collect myself.

Then there was a short time of things doing what they're supposed to. Then my ng-repeat doesn't repeat to the screen. No console error. That's where the bulk of my time went. I kept starting at the code on the screen which was just tiny enough to make it hard to read and make my eyes sore. Then I get the the {{}} again but not the data. Then I stop and wonder why this has to be so hard. I get something to drink, come back, and for some reason I missed what the guy was typing on the video. It was something that took me forever to find on my own by searching. Since I have have a laptop and no dual screen, trying to fit all this stuff where I can see it at the same time isn't easy. I'm listening to what the guy is saying but he doesn't mention what the hell he was typing.

Finally, I'm in the home stretch and another damn typo stops me dead for a few minutes. Now it's over, and I'm really, really, really pissed off with myself.

I wonder if I'm cut out for this. I wonder why this has to be so fucking difficult when others seem to get along fine. I can't concentrate on learning and internalizing the knowledge if I'm stopping every few minutes to bang on things until they start to work again. I hate myself so much right now.

I don't know if I can remember anything that I was supposed to learn here. I'm going to have to watch everything again so I can make notes. Maybe I'm not at the right level to mess with Angular yet.

It seemed pretty simple before. I wanted to make codepens and fiddles and try out the things I learned tonight. My head aches and I'm getting tired now.

I wish someone could help me along. I just want to get a better job and feel like I know something about something. Maybe I'm not smart enough for this. I just don't know.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

My grind continues

Tonight I tried to do a CSS layout totally from scratch. I mimicked the Treehouse project, but I wanted to learn how to do it without the base styles to start me off and get a similar result, just the full width part this time.

I used normalize.css as my base and typed the rest out with filler text. I didn't use images just to save time. Used massively ugly colors to mark the boundaries of each section of the page.

Centering major sections was pretty easy. I got stuck on the title and the nav lining up on the header. Yes, again! This time beating the nav ul down with padding-top got things to line up.

Then the columns started giving me issues when I tried to give them gutters. If I gave them right padding, the third column fell down below the other two, leaving a big gap. This time I added padding to the actual paragraph instead of the column divs and it looks more readable. Gutterless gutters?

I know that people say every project is different but wow, that was different. It might have taken longer if I had went mobile first. I'm kind of glad I didn't because it's pretty late.

I had big plans for the night (a little JS, a little CSS to mix things up) but I don't know if that's going to happen tonight. It's good to know, though, I guess. Exposing myself to more situations will help me get to the solution faster in the future.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The CSS Grind

The past couple of weeks I've been working on my CSS skills. It's been a good experience so far.

I started the TreeHouse course for CSS Layout Basics, since this always stymies me. It's a short course that gives you what you need to do basic layouts. It's sort of a cookbook style course. It assumes you know the basics, which I do (in a roundabout way) but it starts applying them in way that makes sense. 

I started to understand why I was doing what I was doing, instead of copying things from the internet. There was even a page layout challenge at the end. That was the best part, I think. I had to figure out how to do things and what order to do them in. I did it in two waves. At first, I was fixing things but my process seemed to get bog down towards the end. My stylesheet seemed cluttered and there was a lot of time spent trying to figure out where to put a rule. So I started fresh.

For some reason the second time through was a lot more orderly and I felt that I was working more efficiently. I got everything looking good except the header. The title and the navigation links weren't lined up. One was always a little higher than the other. After trying to figure it out myself I just went to the solution videos. The instructor went about things in a slightly different way than I did, which is fine because there's more than one way to get a result in CSS, but he finally got to styling the header and I found out what the issue was. It was padding. I think the situation was that I was setting padding in the media queries and not the global/general styles section. 

That's another thing: Those media queries. I've never been sure how to use them properly and now I have a better understanding. Not perfect, but better. Making sure that you put whatever styles you want to be constant in the general section of the stylesheet, only overriding those in the media query when necessary. Also, the challenge was good practice in taking out rules that were redundant or didn't have an effect. 

I started using the Chrome inspector like crazy, checking and unchecking properties to see if anything moved. If they didn't change anything, they came out of the stylesheet. I was giving the tool a real workout during this course and I enjoyed it. I also took a lot of notes to refer back to later.

I'm going to work on some more courses and get things solidified. I really want to be able to do this vanilla CSS well so I can be more sparing with CSS frameworks, and before I try Sass. There's some mini workshops to go through and frankly, a little javascript break is what the doctor ordered right now. The frontend really is more complex than before, beyond just having a good design sense.