Saturday, May 31, 2014

Yeah, I did that.

Chugging through Codecademy exercises. Getting used to writing out those loops. I daresay it's getting to be second nature. Learned the Switch statement. W00t.

When something isn't working, it's usually been a syntax error that takes me an hour to see. The linter didn't pick it up, unfortunately. I left the parentheses off of toUpperCase(), so javascript thought it was a property instead of a method, and it screwed up my conditional statement. I think that's how you explain it.

I was looking right at it. Grr.

But I learned something. So that's good. AND I'm not worrying about my logic as much as I used to. I took two logic courses and an intro to computer science course, I shouldn't be that far off when I think through things. I wasn't seeing the proof in front of my nose so much before, I guess. If a program idea does come up (my biggest stumbling block at the moment), I have to make sure to write some pseudo code for it. I'd make a flowchart too if I still had Vizio. That's how it was done in my class, and it helped me get a good grade. Now that needs to help me ace real life as well.

This all reminded me of much I dislike Visual Basic .NET. Thanks, asshole instructor. (He was the guy getting paid to ask beginners 'don't you know this already?' and not answer questions)

Anyway, that's all for to today. This blog is going to be a pretty dry place for a while, unless I start talking about my family life and Korean variety shows. Hey, it's better than watching Maury.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I watched this O'Reilly video about Javascript best practices tonight while taking a Codecademy break. It talked about using a global object to contain your variables and closure to prevent name clashes. I have to read up on that, even though I'm not at that point yet. I'm not real clear on object-oriented programming just yet. I think the understanding will come in time, but I hate that feeling in the back of my head that comes from not understanding.

The video went over code formatting and variable declaration as well. I'm pretty good about using var and curly braces. I sometimes write the code in a text editor before and paste it into Codecademy, but sometimes Codecademy doesn't like it. Then I'm thinking I'm doing something wrong when it's a format disagreement. My logic has been decent. It's just a little frustrating. It might be a case of JS being so loose, too.

What I do like about Javascript is that I'm getting more of a chance to play around a little bit by tinkering with the code examples. I'm getting feedback a lot faster and there's less typing to do than there would be with some other languages.

This video talks about JavaScript scope and hoisting. This one was a nice refresher as well. In the other programming classes I've taken there was always talk about block scope, so I have modify my thinking about it.

I've got a couple of Douglas Crockford videos lined up to watch, but they're long and probably going to be over my head. Not good when you're studying in the middle of the night and losing focus.

I have to find a project with a problem to solve though, so I can put what I've learned to good use. Right now, the choices are limited because of what I know. I was thinking of a knitting calculator of some sort, to calculate a sleeve cap or something like that, even though I haven't knit anything in ages and all the books with the formulas in it are down some fucking black hole of packing boxes and tears. If you haven't guessed yet, I hate moving with a passion. I can probably find the stuff online. Somewhere. But those books cost good money, dammit and I'm angry that I can't find them. It's been two years. What's two years more, right?

I guess I can do the old calculator program again. I did a very simple one in Python last year. It'll have to do.

I need to get some reading done. All this typing is fun, but some more knowledge must be leeched from books.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Javascript and plenty of Lint, finally

I've been doing my Javascript readings. I added the Eloquent Javascript ebook site to the mix, just to see things a different way. I'm one of those people that have to see the same thing in different words when I don't grasp things right away. Plus there are exercises to work on.

I'll be working on the assignments put up on the reddit study group as well. I've been working through chapter 4 of Eloquent Javascript for the past 3 days. I don't know why it's so slow, but I decided to roll with it. This kind of slowdown must be for a reason. Tonight I'll start reading my O'Reilly book again. I've been using the website to recap the chapters I've read for myself. It's starting to settle in.

I finally got JSHint working on Sublime Text. I'd put it on Eclipse, but it loads slowly and I haven't used it much since I put learning Java on the backburner. Maybe if I ever get to Ruby on Rails...someday...I tried SublimeLinter before and I couldn't get it going. I felt stupid again for an hour before I switched to JSHint Gutter instead. I'll have to put SublimeLinter back on at some point if I want to use the CSSLinter, but that can wait.

But I think I'll install the plug in to Notepad++ as well. I've begun keeping Notepad++ open for jotting things down, and eventually a piece of code gets in there.

I hope I can make it through. If I can figure out Javascript in 2 months I will be a happy camper. I'll be satisfied if I can automate some stuff on a web page. I don't have to do full web apps. I can't even think of an app that someone hasn't done already. Maybe one day, but I'm not holding my breath on it.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

I finished Codecademy's Build a Professional Website course this week. It's short and sweet. They introduce bootstrap at the end, but they don't really teach how to start with it from scratch, just spoon feed you bits and pieces of it, so I'm going to try to figure it out on my own. It was fun working out a real, money-making site and seeing how simple it could be. The static bits, anyway.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

All done. With Networking

Took the practical skills test today. Some people really flubbed it. Some people scored really, really low. I think I did all right, well enough that I'll never have to repeat it.

Unless I decide to go to another hick school that won't take my transfer credits.

The way people were talking, most of my class might be going into do overs mode. At least it's not me. I could try to have sympathy, but they probably wouldn't for me. My energy must be directed elsewhere. Towards myself, preferably.

I'm taking this evening to regroup. I want to plan out a little schedule for myself, so I can pick up more chump-change crowdsourced work and do the self study, possibly fund the Team Treehouse thing without using my poor credit card. Codecademy has a new class that takes you through breaking apart and rebuilding existing web page designs, and I have that Udemy stuff to work through. I now have some time to actually watch the videos. It will all be late night stuff at first because my data cap is really close and I don't want to slow things down to a crawl for the next week or so. Studying for the tests and trying to wrap my head around subnetting took me away from my Javascript study, which makes me feel bad. I would have been halfway through at this point.

More of those 'ves. I need to correct this situation.

I'll see the final grades in the next day or so, maybe tonight.

Monday, May 5, 2014

One down, one to go

I took my written final today. Did pretty good. Last minute announcement by the teacher to make it open book helped, because I was so not trying to memorize the fields in a data frame in two days.

The funny part is when I went outside and saw two of my classmates discussing the test, they were talking about how badly they did. As in failed it. An open book test. Were they taking the same class I did?

I feel somewhat better about myself now. I'm not so rusty at this school thing after all! Or everyone is stupid. I'll go with the first to be nice.

The practical exam is Wednesday. I'm going to reward myself tonight by taking some time off and eating something tasty. I did pretty well on the practice part, so I just have to refine my method and make sure I'm hitting all the points I've missed, and I should have a decent grade to show for all this.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Well in two days I'll be taking the written part of my Networking final.

I'm going through the practice test right now, raw and not looking stuff up, and realize how much deep shit I'm probably in. Except for the most recent few chapters, I can't remember any of this stuff.

The fucked up part is that after I turned my lab manual in, my grade actually went down 4 points. Instead of almost an A I smack in the middle of B country. I don't get it, and I'm too annoyed to ask why.

I guess it's because this isn't an area I see myself working in, the stuff isn't really sticking. If I can pull a C out of this I'm okay. I just don't want to be in a spot where I have to take it again.

Though if I have my way, I'm not going back to this school anyway. There's not point in spending all this money for subpar training and they don't expect you to graduate until 2017. I don't have time for that. Even if I was young I wouldn't have time for that. It doesn't take 3 years to learn how to use dreamweaver, it really doesn't.

If I sound a bit defeated, I am. I had an argument with mom so bringing up the Treehouse/online option doesn't seem to be a good idea right now. She flies off the handle and piles on. It's like being attacked by a pit bull, except the pain is mostly in my heart.

I'm about to step away from the computer for a while, since my results in the past couple of hours have been so depressing. I figure I can do better on the practical exam simply because I can use my notes.