Monday, February 17, 2014

Another week flies by

The school ended up canceling classes for the rest of the week because of the snow. I hope our teacher still lets us make Ethernet cables in class. He just skipped the stuff and gave us an extra lab to do before.

I did not do much, to be honest. A lot of crochet, a lot of CSS self study. Not much else. I did finish most of my web dev homework. I only stopped on the last one because I was tired of flipping back and forth between the pdf and Dreamweaver on my little laptop screen. That made things take longer than they should have. Damn, room for a second display would be nice!

Dreamweaver is neat and all, but that extra layer of abstraction between the code and the design is irritating to me. I was typing values in, but I wasn't quite sure what I was effecting at some points without looking at the code. Even with the little bit of knowledge I have at the moment, All the "select this, click this button and type this here and click OK" stuff is slowing my roll.

If I tried to do the assignments the long coding way, I might be able to figure things out, but I'm suspecting she is going to be checking our work against the finished Dreamweaver code, and that might be suspicious. Plus it might take even longer, since I'm not a CSS genius (yet).

What I am thinking of doing though is keeping these files and trying to replicate the layout by hand, keeping it as DRY as possible, to see if I can do it. I'll need to pump up my motivation and drive a lot more to get this done, take my networking chapter test and try to trick myself into believing my life is normal and grand.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow, snow, go away!

Well, the second White Wave of Death hit the south, and I've been pretty much housebound for the past three days. School was closed Wednesday, the day we were supposed to be making our own networking cables by hand. I bet he's going to skip that lab. I really hope the weather doesn't keep interrupting like this. This coming from the person that prayed for snow days extra hard as a kid. It's the only time I get to leave the house with a purpose. Sure I can't do anything because I'm at mom's whim, but at least I'm out and around other people.

The grayness of the weather and being stuck staring at the walls most of the day is giving me a case of the blahs. I want to go out, but it's dark and I don't know if the roads are icy or not. Considering where I live, they probably are. I've bored myself into a headache, and I don't want to do any homework right now. It's a common spot that I'm in.

I checked on Twitter, and Tweeters are currently fangirling hard. I don't think I'm deep enough in that circle to participate, even though I saw the good news they're going on about. I know people get happy, but can't you talk about something else during the day that doesn't involve hot guys thousands of miles away and shopping? I've done the same, but I try to balance it out. Too much of something is bad and all that. The highs I get from fandom don't last that long anymore. The interest is still there, but so is the interest for other things.

Sometimes I get on Twitter, read a string of complacent tweets, get disgusted and sign out. It just looks like a lot of streams of thought running in parallel. Sometimes they cross, but in the case of my tweets I feel like I'm talking to myself most of the time. There's no need to be online to do that. I feel like the "social" part of social media is such a damn joke sometimes. It's a lot of people wrapped up in their own heads shouting and hoping the world hears them.

Or else the people that follow me on Twitter have feeds so full of idols and pop stars that my stuff gets swept away quickly. I'll hope it's that so I don't cry too hard about it.

I've slacked for long enough. I should do at least a little something to stamp the day as somewhat productive. All this free time I could be doing something I enjoy, instead of wanting to sleep and pay half (maybe a quarter) attention to the TV that's on just for the noise.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

So much Dreamweaver homework. So little time...

I have to go through 3 chapters of Dreamweaver Classroom in Book or something. The chapters are in PDF, so at least I didn't have to buy it.Depending on how involved it is, it might be a couple of hours.

This will give me something to do while waiting for The Walking Dead premiere. I don't watch many TV shows regularly, but that is one of them. No new episodes over the holidays make the holiday season that much harder to bear.

I got my chapter notes done kind of late. I got obsessed with crochet for a bit and just wanted to do something that made me feel at least a little bit like I did when I had a job and lived in Ohio. The very, very least. I don't have any projects in mind, I'm just playing with techniques and freestylin'.

Old Me used to come home after a job I hated, pop in a Netflix DVD and knit a pair of socks to keep my hands busy and pass the time. New Me has nowhere to come home from but the store, can't find her knitting needles, and concentrates way too hard on monotonous strips of crochet tape lace and cord. I can't crochet without looking at it, plus I'm out of practice, so I can't do that all important Movie Crafting that many people like to do. I could knit a pair of socks in a couple of hours. Those days are gone, for now, anyway.

It hurts my hands, but in a past life I bought this yarn and thread with intentions to make stuff, and god dammit, I'm going to try. It kills me to think of how many pairs of warm socks I could have by now if moving and depression hadn't set in like they did.

For now, I'm going to lay down and listen to podcasts until I fall asleep.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Moving on up: From pixels to ems

I changed my stylesheet to using ems instead of pixels for the font sizes on my school project webpage. I shrank some text that was huge before to make the pages match up a little better. I'm not sure how long it took because I was too busy thinking and clicking Firebug over and over to make sure nothing went haywire.

Most of the time was spent on making my makeshift HTML slideshow not appear in huge text anymore. At first I thought I should make them look more like the PowerPoint slides they were derived from; now that just looked tacky, especially since the first page of it was a regular paragraph. I was commenting out lines (with my newly learned ST shortcuts) to see what was causing the text to remain huge. It was inheriting something, but for whatever reason the browser didn't reflect the changes until a couple of refreshes later. I think this computer's starting to bog down, not much to do about that. Sure, I could just buy a newer computer, but that would require money.

While I was at it, I got rid of a couple of redundant styles, trying to make things a bit neater. It's a little shorter and sweeter, but not by much. I probably could still stand to resort things into sections again, but it's 3 in the morning and it ain't that crucial right now. When next I wake. (ETA: Never mind, I sorted it. Didn't take as long as I thought.)

I was using a calculator and everything. I felt like I was developing something useful. It isn't, but it's all done by hand. After I get the next homework assignment done, I'll see about trying to add a sidebar menu, instead of having a home link at the top.

I did some of my Cisco reading, but my connection was so slow it wasn't loading the graphics and taking forever, so I had to quit. Spent a good 20 minutes trying to reconnect after I turned the modem on and off. Thanks for nothing again, Exede. I wish mom had never fell for your bullshit, and I have to pay for it.

That's what I get for watching youtube videos before midnight.  I still have about a week before the bandwidth resets.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Learned something to help my workflow today

After Wednesdays, I don't have class, and I sometimes get a little scattered when it comes to structuring my day. I catch up on a lot of sleep and do homework in the evening. It's not the best system, but I seemed to get things done. Thursdays is kind of my decompress day. I tend to pursue the things that I was learning independently instead of the classroom stuff.

This evening I decided to learn something to make my coding more efficient in Sublime Text. I was looking for a decent newbie walkthrough, but hadn't found one until last night. I told myself that I would spend an hour getting to know more keyboard shortcuts to make things easier.

Getting Started with Sublime Text 3:
25 Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts

I learned a LOT in this blog. Didn't have to sit through a video or anything, it got straight to the point listing the key combos and what they do. I finally learned how to comment out a chunk of code! THANK GAWD! I knew there was a way to do it, but it's not listed in the menus or anything. In fact, a lot of the good stuff isn't in the menus at all. With a lot of programs, I learn the shortcuts by looking at the menus, but Sublime doesn't give me the easy way out.

Yes I could read the documentation, but I was a bit bleary-eyed and wanted a digest version. It helped me use my hour more efficiently.

I also got Package Control installed and got a few things. I got a browser refresh plugin and a couple of color schemes. I'm looking into installing Lint; in fact I was reading an article about it just before writing up this post. We'll see in the next week or two.

It was nice to feel like I pushed myself forward a bit. My Webdev class is getting into DreamWeaver for this week's assignment. Do you blame for not even touching it yet?

I'll probably do my readings for networking class next week. The Walking Dead is starting up again Sunday, and I'd like to have the day free so I can just be a fan looking forward to the one show I watch on TV regularly. Then when it's over I can just go to bed knowing everything's done.